Village Hall Makeover

Back in Febuary 2020 a new committee was set up with a remit to give our village hall a makeover. After ten years of use there were lots of things that really needed to be repaired or improved, ready for many more years of service to our village community.

What came next was totally unexpected – the Covid-19 Pandemic! However, we’ve got on with as much as possible and an enormous amount has already been achieved.

Our achievements so far

  • Our charitable status has been restored, which enabled us to apply for grants from various sources.
  • The imposing veranda has been entirely refurbished.
  • The potholes in the drive have been filled with tarmac (with help from a local contractor).
  • The overgrown wilderness behind the hall has been cleared.
  • Essential electrical and plumbing repairs have been carried out.
  • The entire roof has had an overhaul, and water-damaged plaster has been repaired.
  • The old defunct changing rooms have been cleared out for use as general storage and a new meeting room.
  • Emergency exits have been repaired and locking gear replaced where necessary.
  • The overgrown car parking area has been restored to its original size.
  • A new energy-efficient heating/cooling system has been installed in the main hall.
  • Thanks to a generous offer from a local resident we’re now improving the hall’s acoustic, which is extremely reverberant and has always been a problem. The first batch of acoustic panels has now been installed.
  • The new meeting room is complete and ready for use.
  • Extra cupboards and worktop have been installed in the kitchen and bar.
  • The toilets have been completely overhauled and redecorated, and new extraction fitted.
  • The hall and kitchen floors have been professionally cleaned.
  • The skittle alley has been made safe with removeable covers fitted to the side gully and over the pit.
  • The windows facing the field have been reglazed.
  • The village car parking area has been levelled off and new gravel laid.
  • The kitchenette in the new meeting room has been fitted out and heating has been installed.

Still to do

We’re currently seeking quotes from contractors to:

  • Replace fascias and guttering along full lenth of front wall.
  • Insulate the roof over the annexe (currently have a serious problem with condensation causing water damage).
  • Replace the worn out main doors.

We need volunteers!

There are various small jobs that we’d welcome help with, from painting and decorating to general cleaning and maintenance.

We’d love to hear from you.

There’s always more to do, and now that we’ve been able to re-open we need to make sure everything stays in good order. Please take a look at what’s already been achieved, and what still needs to be done. If there’s something you’d be willing to take on or help with, or if you have a special skill or knowledge that we could use, please let us know.

Please contact Val at and join the team.